Are you ready to become the confident and empowered woman you once were before you lost your shine?

Does this sound familiar?...


“I’m not qualified enough”

“I’m not experienced enough”

“I don’t know what I’m doing”

“I’ll make a mistake”

“I’m a fraud”

It’s so easy for a well-meaning friend, partner or relative to tell you to “stop the negative beliefs” and to “just try to move forward” - but if it were that simple, you’d have done it years ago.

Truth is, no one can simply force themselves to ‘just get over it’.

You’re not crazy. You’re not dramatic. You’re not overreacting. You’ve gone through some real shit.

It’s no wonder you’re feeling how you do!

I’ve been there though, and I’ve come through the other side.

Now, I’ve created a private coaching programme for women aged 30-45 who’ve suffered a massive knock in their career, and they’ve been feeling shit about themselves for what seems like forever.

Using a blend of conversational and structured-based coaching, I will hold your hand for 6 weeks and work with you to overcome ALL those negative beliefs.

Past clients have gone on to get a new job, get promoted or change careers entirely, and some have negotiated a salary increase of £10k or more as a result of working with me.

Follow the link below for full details of the programme; if you have any questions, or you feel like you could be a good fit drop me an email.

Client Love


"I chose to contact Tanya when I was in a difficult place in my career. I found myself in a work environment that was completely at odds with my values and I needed guidance as to what career path to take. It was a great pleasure to work with Tanya. I came away from every session thinking positive. Tanya is an excellent listener and is very knowledgeable and supportive. She helped me pinpoint my strengths and gave me the confidence to believe in myself again. I highly recommend Tanya".

Any Questions?

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